BIO: Actor: Xander Berkeley

XanderBerkeley_actorXander began his career in theatre where he performed in numerous plays in Regional, Repertory, and Off- Broadway theaters in New York before he was convinced to move West to pursue film projects. Xander Berkeley then made his career debut in the cult classic Mommy Dearest, as Joan Crawford’s damaged son Christopher. Next he landed the role of drug dealing addict, Bowery Snax in the seminal underground favorite, Sid and Nancy. And with that, Xander’s career path was indelibly established.

A true chameleon capable of complete transformation in combination with an uncanny believability from role to role. The list of great film maker’s who wanted Xander continued to grow. Jim Cameron on Terminator ll, Rob Reiner, A Few Good Men, Ron Howard, Apollo 13, Spielberg with Amistad, Michael Mann, Alex Cox and Mike Figgis all used Xander as a key player in their ensembles from one project to the next. In Air Force One, Wolfgang Petersen cast Xander as Secret Service agent Gibbs.

Having been so stealthy and ‘under cover’ in high profile critically acclaimed films, he was a natural for the Spy genre. Head of CTU, GEORGE MASON on 24, mastermind behind Division – PERCY on Nikita, and most recently RED JOHN on The Mentalist. Often the secret weapon or the unexpected plot twist (Gattaca, Shanghai Noon, North Country, Kickass, Taken) Xander’s ability to take the audience for a ride while keeping them deep inside the story is a skill almost unmatched in the industry.

While ranging constantly from obscure independent to blockbuster, cable to network prime time to cutting edge web series (multiple best actor award winner for The Booth at the End) Xander remains fresh and effective and original each time out. Xander will next be seen in the feature Moments of Clarity opposite Eric Roberts and Lyndsy Fonseca and on the small screen he will be next be seen as one of the lead roles on the new series SALEM.