BIO: Candice Carella – Writer-Director-Executive Producer


Writer/ Director/ Executive Producer: Candice Carella

After a Southern California childhood revolving around the discipline, form and rigors of competitive figure skating, Ms. Carella became a painter, studying fine art at UCLA. Her interest in film began when her sculpture teacher screened the German Expressionist film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.”which sparked her interest in film. Wanting to expand her cultural horizons, Ms. Carella learned Italian so she could study Renaissance art, Italian literature and film in Florence, Italy.

In 2001, while still a student, she began her first experiments with video art. Her video short “Bad Angel,” which was influenced by Chris Marker’s “La Jetee,” was the winner of the Quik film and video festival.

Her first professional experience came working as a wardrobe stylist for music videos and commercials. For six years, she created fashionable looks for many musical artists such as Moby, Eminem, Wu Tang Clan, Enrique Iglesias, Papa Roach and Gwen Stefani; as well as helping create the look of ad campaigns for clients McDonalds, Comcast, British Telecom, Chevy and Miller Genuine Draft.

The next step in Ms. Carella’s development was working in the costume department on television shows such as “Sons of Anarchy,” “Revenge,” “Luck,” and “Crossbones;” and on films such as “Constantine,” “Fifty First Dates,” “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” “Haywire” and many more. In the independent film world, Ms. Carella was costume designer for the feature films “The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down” and “The House of Usher.”

Years of involvement in the filmmaking process from her art and costume perspectives led to Ms. Carella’s realizing that her varied interests were stepping stones to trying her hand at story telling on a larger scale. Realizing that the only way she’d get the opportunity to direct was if she also wrote, produced and financed her own short, she began to write the screenplay and financially plan for the film she wanted to make. She shadowed television and film directors and used her knowledge of compositional style from her time as an artist to storyboard every scene of the film.

Working with seasoned professionals in virtually every key position granted Ms. Carella the maximum learning experience as she wrote, produced and directed her thirty minute short “PONY” which premiered at the Sarasota film festival taking the audience award for Best Short film and continuing it’s festival run earning 26 more awards. This maiden effort has inspired her to to continue to write and direct films. She is working on two short and a feature screenplay.