BIO: Feature Editor: Brett Hedlund

brettBrett Hedlund – Feature Editor:

Born in Bakersfield, CA in 1964, Brett grew up in various small Nebraska towns where his father was the local Methodist minister. For his thirteenth birthday, Brett saw the movie Star Wars for the first time and was forever changed — the filmmaker’s seed had been planted. In 1983, Brett worked his way through college in Norfolk, NE where he cleaned a popular sports bar in the morning, attended school during the day and waited tables at night. Finally, with an Associates of Fine Arts degree in hand, he made his way to Lincoln, NE where he started working for a large publishing company. Within three years, he became the second shift supervisor, overseeing 30 employees in the color stripping department.

In 1992, Brett attended a class at the University of Nebraska in film studies where he learned of various internships available in the entertainment industry. Within a year, Brett had quit his job, sold his belongings and moved to Los Angeles to begin a six month internship with Roger Corman’s Concorde/New Horizons where he learned script coverage, casting and distribution. Brett then transferred to the post production department where he quickly moved up through the ranks — from apprentice editor to assistant editor to editor within 18 months.

Between the years 1996 and 1998, Brett was hired as the staff editor for Andrew Stevens and Ashok Amritraj’s company, Royal Oaks Entertainment. During this period Brett honed his skills – editing 10 feature films. It was here that Brett had his first collaboration with writer/director Anthony Hickox. Brett and Anthony have teamed up on four feature films to date, including the $20M action adventure Blast. Anthony’s mother, editing legend Anne V. Coates, would sometimes visit the cutting room and attend preview screenings. Brett contributes this time working with Anthony as his “but what’s the story?” phase – learning valuable techniques in editing theory and storytelling.

As of 2014, Brett has edited over 40 feature films, 3 short films and multiple episodes of television for CBS, PBS and The History Channel.