Pony would not be the same movie without the work of all involved. Here are some featured biographies of those who participated in the making of this short film. Much gratitude and appreciation to them and to all who were involved in the making and production of this film.

Available bio’s and images for:

Xander Berkeley – Actor

Suzy Nakamura – Actress

Miko Nakano – Actress

Candice Carella – Writer / Director / Executive Producer

Lauren Tafuri – Costume Designer / Stylist

Brad Rushing – Director of Photography

Brett Hedlund – Feature Editor

Joseph Conlan – Film Composer

MaryAnn Tanedo – Film Producer

At this time, not every person involved with this film is represented in this list, due to scope of availability, as in any thing, not all information is complete in every sense. If you would like more information, full credits are listed at the end of the movie.